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Stephanie Cerula, LPCC

Stephanie Cerula is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and National Certified Counselor providing individual therapy to older adolescents and adults.  She has extensive training and experience working with survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression.  Stephanie's clinical orientation is a client-centered, strengths-based approach tailored to each client that utilizes cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy and narrative therapy techniques to empower clients to increase their coping skills to achieve their goals..

Stephanie earned her Master's of Education in Counseling from Old Dominion University and a Bachelor of Arts in Business and Communication from the University of Pittsburgh. Prior to working at the Behavioral Wellness Group, she worked at John Carroll University and Mississippi State University specializing in working with survivors of violence and other mental health concerns.



"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) The atmosphere of the group is incredible. A mix of supportive, educational, and friendly experiences has made group wonderful. Stephanie is a fantastic group leader. I’m so very thankful for all the support I’ve gotten from IOP groups at The Behavioral Wellness Group. The skills I’ve learned have changed my life for the better and having a safe space to share was more valuable than I expected."
"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) truly cares about each and every person who comes through the door and Stephanie goes above and beyond staying late if needed to make sure everyone is heard and understood. I am glad I attended and would do it all over again."
"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) is a fabulous therapist, moderator of the IOP. Respectfully, challenging, engaging, positive, organized. I would recommend this to everyone who seeks improved mental health and personal growth."
"(Stephanie Cerula, Evening Adult Mental Health IOP) was engaged and listened to every moment of the therapy sessions. Overall, great program. Tons of skills to learn. Stephanie was 100% supportive, attentive & always went above and beyond to help (staying late after group to help w/ goals for example)."
"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) The program is very well coordinated, and we all have a voice in our treatment. Stephanie Cerula has a wonderful and easy way of making us feel welcome and makes the lessons easy to understand and helps us to see how we can apply each lesson to our individual needs. She lets us give feedback to others or suggestions if we experienced anything similar.quot;
"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) helps people get well. She truly is in the right profession and really cares about her clients."
"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) responds with care and kindness. I am grateful to have Stephanie Cerula as my counselor and IOP teacher. She has a way of understanding each of us even when we can’t articulate our own thoughts or feelings. She helps us recognize the skills we are using even if we do not realize we were using them."
"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) provides proper advice that goes along with the teaching of CBT skills, understanding, support, patience and listening. I was very happy with each meeting. Thank you for having this IOP. This has been an eye opener for me. I have learned so much from being in this group."
"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) provides a very open and honest group that makes everyone feel welcome and heard."
"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) was a great facilitator. She encouraged us to share our thoughts and feelings and to support others. She carefully added her professional thoughts & feedback without telling anyone what to do. The curriculum was great-every session taught me important & useful skills that I am incorporating into my daily routines and that will permit me to thrive mentally & emotionally & physically at home and in the workplace for the benefit of my loved ones, co-workers, clients and for me as well. Keep doing what you’re doing! These have been the most productive 63 hours of my life and truly transformative. I was unsure what I would gain from this when I started (but I jumped in with both feet and hoping for the best). I am amazed at my progress and the new way that I view myself and the world around me. I am a better version of myself-and I cannot thank you enough for the value that you provided me."
"This program, (Stephanie Cerula, Evening Adult Mental Health IOP) was very well structured and provided a lot of different skills presented in an easy and manageable way. I feel this is the best IOP I have been through."
"This program, (Stephanie Cerula, Evening Adult Mental Health IOP) was well designed to help participants learn a variety of skills that are applicable to everyday life situations. The amount of time was appropriate. Stephanie is wonderful."
"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) …encouraging group members to express how they feel in real time and not just how their day/weekend was. I think being able to cry or express anger or anxiety in group was incredibly helpful because I was able to learn other people’s coping skills and use them. I have already recommended this group to a couple people because I enjoyed the experience, people, and lessons and think everyone should be able to learn how to heal and grow from their situations. This group helped me through probably the most difficult time in my life so far and I’m very thankful that I received the help and support I needed."
"Stephanie (Evening Mental Health IOP) is open and affirming. It’s like a support group. Sharing resources. Transition from in person to online sessions was smooth. Email communication was on time clear. Group was great to hold me accountable w/o judging."
"Stephanie (Evening Adult Mental Health IOP) is the best. She truly cares about her clients and their well- being. Stephanie is truly on top of things. She communicated w/my individual counselor and doctor regularly. They-and I- have nothing but nice things to say."
"Making me feel at ease and heard. This program (Stephanie Cerula, Evening Adult Mental Health IOP) has saved my life. Thank you."
"The IOP (Stephanie Cerula, Evening Adult Mental Health IOP) program is well organized, and everyone in the group is made to feel important and welcome. Stephanie Cerula is a great IOP coordinator-very supportive and kind."
"(Stephanie Cerula, Evening Adult Mental Health IOP) encourage participation to share thoughts, feelings, and opinions without judgement. Stephanie was absolutely amazing. She gives such encouragement and support to help her clients succeed at treatment goals."
"It’s obvious that Stephanie cares about everyone in the group Evening Adult Mental Health IOP. She is very easy to talk to and give a variety of real world examples for the skills she teaches. You can tell that she really knows and believes in the skills she teaches. I can’t say enough good things about this agency. All my mental health needs are covered under one roof. They didn’t treat me any different because of my diagnosis. I’m so lucky to have found this place. Thank you!"
"Stephanie Cerula(Evening Adult Mental Health IOP) is amazing. I truly believe having her as the group therapist is the reason I succeeded in this IOP. Such a wonderful human being. I will forever be grateful for what this IOP has taught me. Thank you Stephanie."
"Stephanie does care deeply for all individuals and puts people at ease, takes time to listen and encourage us. She is knowledgeable and well prepared with all our training and she has great empathy for everyone. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to be part of her class Evening Adult Mental Health IOP."
"I had a wonderful experience and feel that my success due to the outline of the program and the support of Stephanie and other participants in the group. Stephanie facilitates the group in an amazing way. I don’t know what I would have done without her."
"Stephanie (Evening Adult Mental Health IOP) was a great group therapist. I felt that all my goals, needs, and concerns were addressed in a safe setting without judgment. Stephanie has a very great & laid back personality, making it easy to share & open up with others. Thank you!"
"Stephanie did a great job with our group. I know she genuinely cared about me and my progress in group. I would recommend Stephanie as a therapist/counselor to any of my family and friends."
"This IOP (Evening Adult Mental Health) was incredible. I feel so much more able to care of myself and know the signs of a problem. I know how to get help."
"I’ve been through both DBT and IOP. Cathy and Stephanie are wonderful. They both have helped me in many ways. I’m so appreciative of both for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Thank you to them both for helping me fight my battle with suicidal thoughts and depression!"
"Stephanie Evening Adult Mental Health IOP is awesome! I had a couple of AHA! moments while learning. This has allowed me to better healing."
"Stephanie did a great job at getting me into the group very quickly. She was a great leader and was always prepared."
"Stephanie, This group has been very helpful! I was thinking of going inpatient before I came here and I am grateful I was able to get the help I needed and continue to keep my job and the rest of my life normal. I was very afraid of needing to pause my life to deal with my mental health and it was amazing to not have to do that and still get help."
"Stephanie was/is an absolutely outstanding gem of a counselor who actively listens. She also always has appropriate responses and can relate to anyone."

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