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John Glovan, PsyD

John Glovan is a Doctor of Psychology, providing treatment for children, adolescents, adults and geriatric clients. Specialty areas include mood disorders, sexual disorders, divorce issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, acute or chronic health issues, as well as psychological, educational and bariatric testing.

He developed an intensive outpatient program (IOP) for those with acute or chronic medical conditions and coexisting emotional issues. Dr. Glovan believes in arming his clients with effective tools to improve the quality of their lives and put them back on the path to health and wellness. His Health and Wellness Program is a 21-session program which focuses on dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and general coping skills.

Dr. Glovan earned his bachelor’s degree from John Carroll University and his doctoral degree in psychology from Wright State University. After completing a clinical psychology residency at Wright-Patterson Medical Center, he served as Chief Psychologist at the 305th Strategic Clinic at Grissom Air Force Base in Indiana. Prior to forming The Behavioral Wellness Group, Dr. Glovan worked with Psychological & Behavioral Consultants for 8 ½ years and provided outpatient services through Laurelwood Associates in Lake County for 17 years. He is a member of the American, Ohio and Cleveland Psychological Associations and the Association of Air Force Clinical Psychologists.



"The strength and support that I have received from this group (The Health and Wellness Intensive Outpatient Program) is unbelievable. Dr. Glovan is an amazing therapist and human being. He truly cares about his patients and goes above and beyond to make you feel safe and comfortable. This group has given me all the tools that I will need to use and apply within my life." ~M

"(Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP) has respect of everyone’s care. BWG was a blessing to be a part of. I felt that my health needs were addressed. I learned many new tools for my toolbox of coping skills."

"(Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP) The therapists always empathize with me and they encouraged me as I worked on my goals"

"(Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP) works with me in every way like my treatment plans & goals, scheduling, etc. They really care abut you and help you reach your goals! This program has changed my life. People around me notice a huge difference in me & say I’m more enjoyable to be around. I have a better understanding of what I’m feeling & how to handle this. It has made me a better person & I couldn’t be more grateful for everything everyone has done for me."

"(Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP; 8 months post-graduation) I wanted to share with you the good news that BOTH my dad and brother are now seeking awesome therapists at Behavioral wellness! Also, just wanted to let you know I think my dad could really benefit from IOP with your group. Thank you for being such an awesome Doctor and therapist and I will continue to spread the word to family and friends coming to your practice! May God continue to bless you and your practice!"

"(Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP) I felt welcomed from the start. Everyone is included and I felt so comfortable in sharing my thoughts and feelings. This program has helped me so much. I am grateful for everyone involved to help this to be such a positive experience for me. It was what I needed, and I am so glad I joined the IOP."

"I cannot recommend this program highly enough. (Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP) It is well organized and covers all aspects of emotional and physical wellness. The group leaders are very open and accessible and always willing to answer questions and listen to us while in group. This group saved my life. I was in such a deep depression with no way to get out of the dark place I was in. Through IOP, I learned new tools and skills that truly helped me deal with my situations and emotions I go through. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Glovan and his amazing staff!"

"(Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP; 2 years post-graduation)...I am doing well. My Crohn's has been in remission for two years, my depression stable for just as long, I celebrated my 10-year anniversary working at __, have received great praise from staff for my handling of work situations, and am overall very satisfied and happy with life."

"(Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP; 5 years post graduation) I realized just how much it (things I am doing) reflects the tools that I learned while in my group that you led. Once again I am forever grateful to the experience provided and wanted you to know how the good work that you and your co-workers are doing has not been forgotten by me."

"The program (Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP) is staffed by knowledgeable, caring professionals that teach a variety of skills and tools to meet the varied needs of each individual. The group is well managed and provides opportunity for all voices to be heard and received in a safe and supportive environment."

"BWG has a unique talent for giving patients the skills needed to utilize our own natural abilities and strengths to combat mental illness. Dr. Glovan has an amazing staff that is supportive, talented and ministers to me/us. Dr. Glovan is innovative, caring and lives what he teaches. This patient is grateful for all the efforts and dedication of Dr. Glovan. Some Doctors use CPR to save lives, Dr. Glovan uses his IOP."

"This program (The Health and Wellness Intensive Outpatient Program with Dr. John Glovan) was the absolute best decision I could have made. I always speak of the extremely low place I was in when I began. This program has opened my eyes to realizing the quality of life I want and deserve to have." ~C

"I'm deeply grateful for the Health and Wellness IOP. It has changed my life. Dr. Glovan and Anthony along with Dr. Zagarskas are an incredible team to have on my side. It’s so nice to know that the method I have been taught is completely understood by all three and I don’t have to be concerned about being on the same page or explaining definitions. I’ve learned the same “language” and this has made private therapy more efficient. Thank you."

"(Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP) made people feel welcomed, and the feeling of being understood is something you all do best. I do not think you guys could improve on anything. This IOP was so helpful and everyone is so kind and amazing. I want to thank everyone for their kindness and support."

(Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP) "I got help for my anxiety/depression and makes me feel more confident in myself."
"D. has made great strides. She is less depressed and less anxious. She hasn’t been having any panic attacks or anxiety attacks lately…. Overall, she has made a ton of progress. I am very proud at where she has come."

"Dr. Glovan, I just wanted to say Thank you! I don’t know if you hear it enough, but you have made a difference in my life. I wouldn’t be in the place I am today without you. Thank you for all the tools you have given me, thank you for the amazing person and Doctor you are. Many blessings and thanks," ~K

(Dr. Glovan, Health and Wellness IOP; 2 years post-graduation)"... I am doing well. My Crohn's has been in remission for two years, my depression stable for just as long, I celebrated my 10-year anniversary working at __, have received great praise from Staff for my handling of work situations, and am overall very satisfied and happy with life."

"...treating each participant as an individual w/diverse needs. I really appreciate that Dr. Glovan (Health and Wellness IOP) was able to recognize my need for additional treatment. This change helped me immensely. Thanks, Dr. Glovan!!"

"Dr. Glovan, (Health and Wellness IOP) you are wonderful at being genuine and caring therapist. Never once did I feel outcasted or not cared for. My thoughts, feelings, and opinions were always validated. I am so glad Dr. Glovan suggested that I join this IOP. It has helped me cope with my painful divorce and helped me decrease my anxiety and depression levels. I have learned valuable skills and tools that will help me through the rest of my life. I cannot say enough about Dr. Glovan, Barb and Ikeshia. They are simply wonderful people and therapists. I am so happy with this program and the Behavioral Wellness Group as a whole."

"Dr. Glovan, Program is outstanding. Good coordination and communication between group and individual therapists. Go above and beyond to help with insurance issues and always puts the patients first! This program has changed my life and I am so grateful to have found the courage to give it a try and admit I needed help. The skills and tools I have learned and the group IOP experience has been priceless for me and I will strive to carry with me every day the lessons I learned from this experience. Thank You!" ~J

"Thank you so much Dr. Glovan for your Health and Wellness Intensive Outpatient Program! I still appreciate everything you have done for me. I never thought I’d see 21 and I am here alive and well today! God bless you! Happy New Year to you and yours! " ~L

"This program (Health and Wellness IOP) has done an excellent job of helping me reframe how I think about things. Also, Dr. Glovan and the group members are easy to talk to. Finally, the tools I’ve learned have helped me a lot (with) my anxiety and depression."

"Dr. John Glovan, Happy 2019! I hope that this email finds you entering into the joy of a new year!... Whenever I drive by your building on Mentor Avenue, I whisper a prayer of gratitude for the transformation I experienced within those walls. It was never just an ‘office’ to me…it truly was ‘holy ground’. Funny…I can’t even remember what year I received the help…I believe it was about four years ago…My depression seems to be at bay due to a combination of coping skills and medication… My outlook on life is showing steady improvement also…I decided to be gentler with myself… ‘You got this, keep going’… has been my mantra. As the new year begins, know that I continue to keep you and the folks that you serve in my thoughts and prayers. Never forget how important and life changing your work (Health and Wellness Intensive Outpatient Program) is!" ~M

"I am very grateful to have been a part of this program. I have learned skills and tools that we be intricate in helping me to stay balanced and healthy."

"<strong(dr. and="" health="" strong="" wellness=""> The feedback you give, and you realize when someone needs more time. This has changed my life."</strong(dr.>

"Dr. Glovan, Happy new year! I hope you had a great 2018 and have an even better 2019!....Just keep doing what you do and saving lives like you do. And I will check in via email every so often…. One thing that I wanted to stress and I know is part of your class curriculum as well is the benefit I have noticed in my mood when listening to music. I used to listen to mostly sports talk radio but switched back to music mostly and I have noticed the positive effect to my mental health…..I continue to be in best shape of my life physically and mentally... As for work, all is great... My busy season starts tomorrow and I have my lead employee on maternity leave but it doesn't even phase me…I will get through using my skills and tools. Talk to you soon and God Bless." ~B

"Hi Dr. Glovan, I am doing so great (7 months after graduating from the Health and Wellness IOP) and I owe so much to you and your program. You helped me completely change my life. I still workout every day and feel great. Having a lot of fun with the kids and my team and I at work are having an excellent Performance year. I am able to see all the positives in my life and not let the stuff that doesn't matter get to me. You should be very proud of what you do and please keep helping others. Many people need help like I did and you know how to help….I hope you are doing well and have other success stories in your program. I do miss seeing you and the others in my class " ~B

" …Regarding his Health and Wellness IOP…Dr. Glovan cares so much for all his patients, is our best advocate, & will move mountains to help us get better…I would like to thank Dr. Glovan for all of his help, his caring, and concern for my well-being. You have helped me learn more about myself and my illness as well as how to communicate better with others in my life and to take care of myself first. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you were my greatest advocate through this process. Thank you for supporting me and for giving me the tools I need to be successful from now on. I will miss being in your group…" ~W

"Dr. Glovan, I am so thankful that I made that phone call…that led me to your amazing Health and Wellness IOP group. I hope you know what an incredible difference you make in so many people’s lives. I learned so much…I thank you for helping me find myself again. There are not enough words to truly make you understand how thankful I am to have another chance to truly live my life…you treat people like people. You truly care about each person and their safety needs without making them feel like a number or payday " ~J

"Thank you VERY much Dr. Glovan.. . My family is doing very well. My son has matured into a fine young man, and I know you played a large influential role during a critical time in ____’s life as a young man that contributed to the man he is today. There are times when we are talking or I’m watching him parent his children, where I can see and hear the positive effect of your counsel. God Bless You!." ~C

"Dr. Glovan is by far the best psychologist I have ever met. He is everything I’ve been looking for for years… I am so thankful I found this practice and got to meet so many amazing folks. Kim is an amazing receptionist… Please continue your great work, you are impacting and changing lives…Thank you." ~C

"Dr. Glovan I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you have done with me over several years. Through 1on1 therapy and IOPs. I have learned so much about myself, chronic pain, anxiety and depression. I am healthy today and proud of my accomplishments in healing myself and of a better understanding of my relationship with my family. " ~D

"Dr. Glovan, First and foremost, thank you for allowing me into your group and for doing such a great job at leading our group. It does not take long to see that you are very experienced in your field and most importantly, you truly care about our well being and want us to live a healthier life. Your real life examples in class and your teaching style helps us become more comfortable with these skills and tools and I look forward to when using them is just second nature. I truly enjoyed the sessions and did get a lot out of them. This binder and other "cheat sheets" will have a special place in my office right at my side - this is all more important than any work materials I have." ~R

"Thank you Dr. Glovan for everything. I wouldn’t be able to thrive in life without your help…and that of the Health and Wellness Intensive Outpatient Program…. You are a great teacher and please continue helping us live!! Keep up the good work!" -U

"Hello Dr. Glovan I was just thinking about you as I was reviewing the information from the Health and Wellness IOP. I have a new puppy.   His name is….  I've attached a couple of pics.  He is such a joy.  Also started a new job as a Finance Manager at...  So far it’s going really well with lots of expected ups and downs as I get acclimated. Hope you are well! Cheers!" -S

"…I really enjoyed the time and learned a lot…in The Health and Wellness IOP… that has been and will be helpful moving forward with many areas of my life. Please extend my sincere thanks to the group and continue to do the good work that you are doing. You really help people and you should feel good about that. Thanks again Dr. Glovan!" -J

" Thank You… Dr. Glovan and The Health and Wellness Intensive Outpatient Program … for listening and hearing my cries for help and supporting my attempts to heal and develop skills and tools. This has helped me establish an improved sense of self. " -S

"Dr. Glovan provides a welcoming, warm and friendly environment. Dr. Glovan is the best! He made me feel so good about myself. Just hearing, ‘I’m proud of you’ meant so much to me!! I think the biggest ‘Wow’ moment, or revelation I had was discovering that I have a voice, and deserve to be heard. That my opinion matters. Being in a Group Therapy setting brought this out." -T


The Behavioral Wellness Group is a counseling center providing therapy and behavioral health services and assessment including chemical dependency/drug addiction treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) and other therapies. We also provide mental health or psychological assessments, and psychological,educational and bariatric testing. Providing services to the following communities in Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga and Lake County: Cleveland, Ashtabula, Beachwood, Chardon, Concord, Eastlake, Euclid, Fairport, Geneva, Grand River, Highland Heights, Kirtland, Leroy, Lyndhurst, Madison, Mayfield, Mayfield Heights, Painesville, Pepper Pike, Perry, Russell, Solon, South Euclid, Thompson, Wickliffe, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills, and Willowick, from our offices in Mentor, Ohio.