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If you are considering entering therapy or adding to your therapeutic knowledge, you should consider Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT. This therapeutic modality was developed in the 1980’s by Marsha Linehan Ph.D. It is a highly researched therapy that can help people with many issues from low self-esteem, worries, anger, depression, anxiety, isolation, withdrawal and impulsive behaviors to name a few. There are many therapeutic skills that a client learns in DBT that many clients fondly call their “tool belt of tools” to make it through any situation and to improve their life and create, “a life worth living”.

Seven reasons to try DBT:

  1. DBT is an Up and Coming Field of Talk Therapy. DBT stands for dialectal behavioral therapy and was originally developed to treat chronically suicidal individuals, but now is utilized for a variety of therapies.
  2. DBT Therapists Accept Their Clients as They Are. The DBT therapists accept their clients as they are but also have an understanding with their client that there needs to be a change in order to reach one's own goals.
  3. DBT Utilizes Four Stages of Treatment. DBT uses four stages of treatment to help gauge a client’s severity of behaviors. The spectrum ranges from stage 1 when the client is entirely miserable and suicidal to stage four, finding a deeper meaning of existence.
  4. Mindfulness. DBT utilizes mindfulness as a great tool for the client to reach their goals. The client is presented with the opportunity to learn how to be aware and present.
  5. Emotional Regulation. DBT teaches the client, “emotional regulation” meaning how to cope or even change one's own emotions.
  6. Distress Tolerance. Distress tolerance aids in the ability to cope or tolerate long term or short-term pain. This pain can manifest physically or emotionally. Acquiring distress tolerance skills helps the client in situations where they may have little or no control.
  7. DBT Teaches Many Tools to Help Change Select Behaviors. DBT is an excellent way to target behaviors that need to change. DBT can target life-threatening, interfering, and quality of life behaviors. This type of therapy allows the client to set small attainable goals.

So if you are considering entering therapy or want to learn new skills to deal with life issues, you should consider DBT therapy. It helps you balance acceptance and change and to incorporate many new skill sets into your everyday life. Please contact us for additional information or to make an appointment.

Cathryn E. Knezevich, PCC Director, Mental Health IOP

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